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Colourful Outdoor Winter Birthday Celebration

Vuvu’s 35TH Birthday – 27 June 2021

We had the pleasure of planning, designing and setting up Vuvu’s 35TH birthday celebration. The birthday celebration was held overlooking the river bank at her home in East London, Eastern Cape. With a palette of muted leafy greens, bright oranges and peaches it was the epitome of effortless sophistication and the perfect combination of vintage elegance and bohemian luxury.

The first thing we ask clients before planning any event is what their vision is for the event. Vuvu’s answer to us was simply “it needs to be magical”. To add the “magical” factor we incorporated suspended florals and floral overhangs to the roof of the draped cabana structure and tables.

This colourful outdoor birthday celebration fused vintage elegance with a bohemian flair.

Vuvu invited 60 guest to enjoy a beautiful day overlooking the river bank, with beautiful food, sophisticated décor and live performances.

The bouquets of flowers attached to the cabana added the extra element of luxury to the event.

Our outdoor cabana structure was perfect for the setting for this intimate celebration. Our cabana structure is built to withstand the strong coastal winds which we often experience in the Eastern Cape. To showcase the beauty of the river bank, Vuvu chose to host the celebration outdoor. Under clear winter skies, guests gathered in the manicured gardens under the with draped cabana structure with bouquets of flowers attached to the pillars of the structure.

To add to the vintage and bohemian feel of the celebration we had to include our wooden framed dining chairs and weaved underplates to add to the overall look of the event.

The personalized backdrop with balloons in a combination of rich peaches, oranges and nudes added the magical element to the celebration.