Luxury Dining Chairs

Our range of Luxury Dining Chairs

Luxury Chairs - Luxury Dinning Chairs

Luxury Dining Chairs

If you want to take your event to the next level then this is your chair.

Our luxury dining chair range is made up of the Gold Round Back Dining Chair and Gold Rim Dining Chair.

These chairs embody ultimate luxury and comfort.

The chairs also go well paired with Phoenix Chairs for the ultimate luxury without costing you’re an arm and a leg.


Gold 0 Chair Solid - Luxury Dinning Chairs

Gold Round Back Chiar

Gold O Chair Hollow Sized - Luxury Dinning Chairs

Gold Rim Dining Chair


Madison Chair

Black Bella Chair - Luxury Dinning Chairs

Black Bella Chair

View the pictures below we have posted some idea's

We have some pictures below for you to get an idea of how the chairs can be used.

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ZAD Rentals Logo Quality - Luxury Dinning Chairs

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