Our range of Luxury Underplates
Luxuary Underplates - Underplates

Luxury Underplates

Take your event to the top.

Our luxury underplate range is made up of the Clear Glass with Clear Bead Trim, Clear Glass with Gold Trim, Sea Sponge and Rose Gold.

These items will make you tables stand out among the best..

Past Event 13 - Underplates

Gold Sea Sponge

Gold Beaded Underplate - Underplates

Clear Glass Underplate with Gold Trim


Clear Glass Underplate with Clear Trim

rose gold underplate - Underplates

Rose Gold

Gold Rimmed Underplate - Underplates

Glass Under Plate with Gold Trim and Gold Detail

IMG 1408 - Underplates

Glass Under Plate with Rose Gold Trim

Underplate Sea Sponge White - Underplates

White Glass Sea Sponge Underplate

Gold Splash Underplate - Underplates

Gold Splash Underplate

View the pictures below we have posted some idea's

We have some pictures below for you to get an idea of how the chairs can be used.
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ZAD Rentals Logo Quality - Underplates

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